Regular Maintenance

It's often the small things we do every day that accumulate into our aches and pains.

Our posture, how we sit, how we sleep, what we do for work, our hobbies and athletics all contribute to increased stress upon our spine. Just like a car, if we don't take care of our bodies, we can break down leaving us in need of a lot more treatment to get us running again.

However, if we do have regular maintenance, we can often avoid unexpected breakdowns; enjoy a higher quality of life with reduced pain and more optimal function.

While accidents still happen, recovery time is often reduced by regular maintenance care. Maintenance care includes a healthy diet, regular exercise and hands on chiropractic care which is especially important if you have an ongoing spine problem.

At Crellin Chiropractic we will often recommend a maintenance plan, after the resolution of an acute injury, which will depend on the condition of your spine and your current health. Our job is to offer you the best care possible: your job is to decide if it is right for you. Regardless, we will cheerfully respect your decision and support you the best we can.

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