Not all headaches are the same. In fact there are 10 different classifications of headaches, and not all of these should be treated alike. Research shows that 25% of all headaches originate in the cervical spine. Medications may mask the pain but will not treat the root cause of this type of headache.

Instead of giving yourself another headache trying to determine which type you have and the best way to treat it, let us here at Crellin Chiropractic figure that out for you.

Once your headache is diagnosed we can develop an appropriate treatment plan for your specific headache.

Our plan will likely include a combination of chiropractic adjustments and muscle therapy treatments aimed at reducing the frequency, duration, and intensity of your headaches.

If your type of headache is not one that can be treated or managed with chiropractic care, we'll be sure to get you a referral to the appropriate specialty. Regardless of your headache type, you will leave our office knowing that you are on the right path to improving your quality of life.