Dr. Andrew Crellin

Dr. Andrew Crellin

Dr. Andrew Crellin and his wife Elaine have been married for over 33 years. For the last 23 years, they have lived in Dr. Crellin's home town of Barrington, R.I. with their sons Jackson, Alex and their daughter Elise.

Dr. Crellin and his wife, Elaine Crellin, have also created a strong enduring professional relationship.

They met while earning their degrees in Physical Therapy from The University of Connecticut.

Upon graduating, they moved to south Florida to practice in the field of sports medicine, treating both amateur and professional athletes, including Major League Baseball players, golfers, tennis and Jai alai players, roller skaters and swimmers.

Recognizing the natural fit between Chiropractic and Physical Therapy skills when it comes to the recovery and rehabilitation of spinal care patients, Dr. Crellin and Elaine realized their dream of creating the best of both worlds. Elaine opened Sport & Spine Physical Therapy right next door.

They freely refer patients back and forth when they feel their patients would benefit by the other's care. This is truly an interdisciplinary approach.

While working at Woman & Infants Hospital in the oncology department, primary care and occasionally with in-patients, Dr. Crellin was able to treat a unique population of patients suffering from neck and back pain.

This opportunity gave him the experience and education to serve the most vulnerable patients in a safe and very effective manner. Dr. Crellin has carried these skills into his private practice.

In 2019 Dr. Crellin moved his practice one condo over and now shares space with Sport & Spine Physical Therapy. This was done to make room for Dr. Alex Crellin who graduated from Bridgeport University with a chiropractic degree.

The Staff at Crellin Chiropractic Pain and Injury Center and Sport & Spine Physical Therapy work together to provide Central Rhode Island with the highest level of non-surgical musculoskeletal care.

Dr. Alex Crellin

Dr. Alex Crellin

Dr. Alex Crellin Graduated from University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic, May 2019.

Dr. Crellin grew up in a family surrounded by manual medicine. His father, Dr. Andrew Crellin, has been practicing Chiropractic for 30 years and his mother Elaine Crellin has been a physical therapist for 36 years.

With so much experience in the family no ache or pain ever went untreated. It was at a young age that Dr. Alex realized not everyone had such easy access to the care they needed to manage their pains, and he wanted to do something about that. Between that realization and his fascination with how the human body works it was not long before he started his own Chiropractic journey.

After graduating from Saint Michael's College in Burlington Vermont in the spring of 2015 Dr. Alex quickly turned around and enrolled at the University of Bridgeport School of Chiropractic. There Dr. Alex studied an evidence-based approach to Chiropractic care and physiotherapy.

Combining over 100 years of Chiropractic practice with modern scientific research the University of Bridgeport equipped Dr. Alex with the skills needed to identify underlying causes of pain and correct them. This allows the body to heal naturally while promoting proper form and function optimizing the body's capabilities and minimizing your aches, pains and discomforts.

Dr. Alex utilizes a combination of chiropractic manipulative therapy, manual muscle work including: stretching, trigger point therapy, instrument assisted massage and relaxation techniques, with at home exercise techniques to work with your body to correct underlying causes of pain and dysfunction. All while educating you on your condition and empowering you to be an active component on your journey to better health.

Jackson Crellin

Jackson Crellin

Jackson has been working for his father Dr. Crellin since 2014 when he started helping at the front desk.

In 2017 he moved into the Office Manager position where he has since been working in an administrative role.

He also assists the office with all things technology, from hardware to networking and most things in between.

He was recently married and lives in Cranston with his wife, and his dog and cat. An avid gamer, he also has founded and run outdoor sports related groups, and is learning to climb rock walls.



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